Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bead Challenge - Charity Auction

Well Sunshine Daisy & Baby Alien have been so busy!! They volunteered to take part in a bead challenge for charity organised by Creative Connections on Facebook - lots of people received a pack of beads and from that we were to make something that could then be put up for auction for charity.  

They were so excited when the beads arrived, just look at all those fabulous colours and Baby Alien was so taken with the little snowman bead, he immediately claimed that one for his make (even though he didnt know what to make yet!).  They got a lovely thank you card too just for agreeing to take part, they were so impressed!  So eager to start they divided up the beads and went for a big think about what to make!

 Sunshine Daisy thought she would make a felt heart and decorate it with the beads.  She promised to do her bestest ever stitching and worked really hard on her heart (she's quite a dab hand with a needle and thread!) 

Just look how pleased she was with her finished heart!  We had to agree she did an excellent job stitching all the little beads around the outside edge, hope you like it! 

 Baby Alien was still transfixed by the snowman bead, so he decided it would go on top of a Christmas Tree in a hoop.  He spent hours stitching all the beads onto his felt tree (its not easy doing stitching when you have no hands!

He was so pleased with his make, it does look good doesnt it!  I promised he can help decorate our real tree nearer Christmas (I may have to find some snowmen decorations for him too!) 

Both their makes are up for auction this weekend on the Creative Connections Facebook page - the auction ends at 8.00pm on Monday 8th December - fingers crossed they both get bids on their items and raise lots of money for charity.  If you'd like to see how they are getting on - follow this link:   Auction Album
Keep your fingers crossed for them!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Holiday Time!

Well its been a very exciting month here!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien have been on their first ever holiday (with me and Mr Daisy Felts of course!) exploring the lovely county of Gloucestershire.  They had great fun and got up to all sorts of adventures (and took hundreds of pictures!!).

We went to the docks at Gloucester - lovely place with lots to see and do and with these two having a slight fascination for boats it was an ideal place to explore!

We found this lovely old paddle boat called Oliver Cromwell and lots of canal boats too! 

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien loved our visit to Burton on the Water too - they had a model village which was just the right size for them!  Of course they made a bee line to the Bakery... mmmmm, cake! 

They also found their dream house.... hmmm, bit of a mansion really isnt it! But they can dream!!

In all I think its safe to say they had a brilliant time on their holidays - tho they missed all their friends of course - but they have had great fun sharing their holiday pictures with our friends on Facebook and Twitter and look, there is a very rare picture of me with them both too!!

See you all soon! x 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Famous for a day!

Well what an exciting time we have had!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien were asked to be guest bloggers for Glitterwitch earlier this month and of course they were absolutely delighted!

They had great fun playing with beads to get into the Glitterwitch mood!  Did you see their blog? They're so proud of it!  You can find it here Our guest blog!

Sunshine Daisy insisted she needed some dark glasses after doing her guest blog - she thought she would be famous!

 Mind, she could have been right, she did get mobbed by a gang of school children later!! 

We also got our new logo (do you like it?!) Designed by the lovely Erica at Odds & Soxlets - we love it!

Of course I had to try it out in felt!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien thought it looked great!!
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Panic stations!

Oops a daisy - I've just realised I've booked in to not one but two outdoor events with my felties!  Hmm!  Felties are fab, but they are so light they might blow away, and soggy felt, well thats just not a good look!  So its off to the shed to see if we can remember how to put up our gazebo!

Yay, it works!  Not sure it could withstand much in the way of wind, but its up! Its only shower proof too - hmm, its June, will that be a problem.... possibly!!  and oh, relief, the first outdoor event provides cover for us - yay!!!

So here we are at a company fun day in Halewood on our very first outdoor adventure!  Can you tell how windy it was!  some major modifications were required to stop everything blowing away in the wind and sand bags did an excellent job of keeping the gazebo in place for us! 

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien had great fun, a fire engine came along (complete with hunky firemen!) 

Our second outdoor event was at the Dash for Dad run in Phoenix Park, Runcorn, organised by Child Bereavement UK, we took our own gazebo and were really pleased that it was a dry, calm day! 

We'd changed the display around just in case the wind got up, but the biggest threat to us turned out to be the mascot elephant - the poor guy couldnt see very well and bumped into the stall!

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien soon forgave him tho and gave him a big hug! 

So we survived our two outdoor events, but lesson learnt - we wont be booking into any more for quite some time!! 

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Learning to blog the Daisy Felts way!!

Oh, so a blog seemed like a good idea, but what is it? how do you do it? well lets dive straight in and see what happens - thats the Daisy Felts way!

So, introductions... well I'm Mrs Daisy Felts - this is my cover girl, Miss Daisy Felts, isnt she fab!
Can you tell I love daisies oh, and felt, I love felt too!

Daisy Felts is my page on Facebook:
You'll find all my felty creations there, including these two mischief-makers...

This is Sunshine Daisy and her little friend, Baby Alien, they have all sorts of adventures (and just love to play hide and seek too!) and they 'help' me with my felties too! 

They had great fun last week making up some bookmarks for Fathers Day - what do you think... do you think Dads will like them?!

Well, thats all for now folks, getting my head around blogging may take me some time, but I'll get there (hopefully!) xx