Sunday, 20 July 2014

Famous for a day!

Well what an exciting time we have had!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien were asked to be guest bloggers for Glitterwitch earlier this month and of course they were absolutely delighted!

They had great fun playing with beads to get into the Glitterwitch mood!  Did you see their blog? They're so proud of it!  You can find it here Our guest blog!

Sunshine Daisy insisted she needed some dark glasses after doing her guest blog - she thought she would be famous!

 Mind, she could have been right, she did get mobbed by a gang of school children later!! 

We also got our new logo (do you like it?!) Designed by the lovely Erica at Odds & Soxlets - we love it!

Of course I had to try it out in felt!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien thought it looked great!!
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  1. The dragons were very pleased with their Guest Blog idea and hope Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien come back to visit again soon.