Friday, 22 August 2014

Holiday Time!

Well its been a very exciting month here!  Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien have been on their first ever holiday (with me and Mr Daisy Felts of course!) exploring the lovely county of Gloucestershire.  They had great fun and got up to all sorts of adventures (and took hundreds of pictures!!).

We went to the docks at Gloucester - lovely place with lots to see and do and with these two having a slight fascination for boats it was an ideal place to explore!

We found this lovely old paddle boat called Oliver Cromwell and lots of canal boats too! 

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien loved our visit to Burton on the Water too - they had a model village which was just the right size for them!  Of course they made a bee line to the Bakery... mmmmm, cake! 

They also found their dream house.... hmmm, bit of a mansion really isnt it! But they can dream!!

In all I think its safe to say they had a brilliant time on their holidays - tho they missed all their friends of course - but they have had great fun sharing their holiday pictures with our friends on Facebook and Twitter and look, there is a very rare picture of me with them both too!!

See you all soon! x 


  1. Looks like they had a great holiday, but where will they go next .......

    1. Lol - the next big event will be Christmas... their first one.... sooooo excited! x