Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Panic stations!

Oops a daisy - I've just realised I've booked in to not one but two outdoor events with my felties!  Hmm!  Felties are fab, but they are so light they might blow away, and soggy felt, well thats just not a good look!  So its off to the shed to see if we can remember how to put up our gazebo!

Yay, it works!  Not sure it could withstand much in the way of wind, but its up! Its only shower proof too - hmm, its June, will that be a problem.... possibly!!  and oh, relief, the first outdoor event provides cover for us - yay!!!

So here we are at a company fun day in Halewood on our very first outdoor adventure!  Can you tell how windy it was!  some major modifications were required to stop everything blowing away in the wind and sand bags did an excellent job of keeping the gazebo in place for us! 

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien had great fun, a fire engine came along (complete with hunky firemen!) 

Our second outdoor event was at the Dash for Dad run in Phoenix Park, Runcorn, organised by Child Bereavement UK, we took our own gazebo and were really pleased that it was a dry, calm day! 

We'd changed the display around just in case the wind got up, but the biggest threat to us turned out to be the mascot elephant - the poor guy couldnt see very well and bumped into the stall!

Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien soon forgave him tho and gave him a big hug! 

So we survived our two outdoor events, but lesson learnt - we wont be booking into any more for quite some time!! 

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